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About Us.

A Canadian company that is determined to export and sell Canadian high-quality healthy food to the Chinese market.

J & L Great International Trading Ltd.

Since its establishment in Saskatchewan in 2019, It has been working hard to serve consumers’ needs for healthy food and dedicate its own strength. 

The company is currently vigorously developing and looking for high-quality Canadian brands of non-cooked oatmeal, Canola oil, linseed oil, Honey, Arctic sea cucumber, Mixed nuts, etc., and strive to provide Canadian high-quality healthy foods to Chinese consumers.

A Few Words About Us

The Canadian elite procurement team has rich practical experience in product procurement, market insight and analysis, product sales strategy and layout.

The general distribution team in the Chinese market has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for decades, with extensive product knowledge and strong business contacts, especially the grasp of the market and a keen and unique vision.  Introducing Canadian high-quality brand products into the Chinese market to serve the vast number of Chinese consumers, especially the concept of health and green is deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese consumers.

Why Us

A one stop solution for all your quality food requirements, we source and supply quality food ingredients to all key market sectors and strive to establish a strong & long-term strategic partnership with our clients.

Our Advantages

Rich experience in market development, short market development time, wide variety of malleability, concentrated products on the market quickly, strict quality control throughout the process, accurate procurement cost control.