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We provide a wide range of agriculture commodities to Chinese markets. Our networks and services enable us to maintain a strong position in the agriculture trading market and provide the best prices and services to our customers.

Originating and exporting Canadian High Quality Food

J&L Great confidently undertakes all tasks related to the supply of health food in the Chinese market. Our customers do not need to solve any issues related to logistics. The specialists of our company were able to perform the actions necessary for a successful operation. You just need to choose us and we will take care of everything.


Our core business revolves around all types of health food: non-cooked oatmeal, Canola oil, linseed oil, Honey, Arctic sea cucumber, Mixed nuts, etc., 

These products are originated mainly from Canada, primarily Saskatchewan.

J&L Great also deploys its expertise in the origination and marketing of all high-quality Canadian brands of agricultural products origins present on Canada, from east to west.

Its product line also includes a full range of associated services, designed to provide its customers with reliable and customized execution.

This unique expertise makes J&L Great one of the market’s leading companies for both origination and export.

– Specialised and competitive supply of high-quality wheat and cereals on a FOB and CFR basis.

– Comprehensive monitoring of the supply chain with quality checks and supervision of logistics at loading.

– A wide range of pricing mechanisms, including futures contracts and options.

– A high degree of flexibility in loading options.

– Full quality certification and tailored-made services for issuance of documents.

– Attractive financing options that enable the realisation of small and large scale transactions anywhere along the supply chain.

– The financial strength of Agro Companies Group to fund successful asset origination.



Thanks to our unique strategy, we have built a strong network of suppliers and customers working with us as business partners.

J&L Great has a long history of working as a part of the Chinese TV shopping supply chain and selects only top-notch suppliers.

Characterised by efficiency and confidentiality, our reputation and working method allow us ongoing access to high-quality supplies at extremely competitive prices.

Product Certification

We conduct our business only with certified products.
We contact only trusted farmers and business executives